Thursday, 12 January 2012


I don't know quite what came over me that possessed me to begin this project, boredom at my own inertia perhaps? Whatever the spirit is that jumped into me though, I'm happy that it did so. I can't help feeling that I am just part of something much bigger going on in the world, that forces are conspiring, that little Studio Ghibli'esque other worldlings are jumping into people making them do cool stuff.

I've also come to realise that the music world in Ireland is pretty small, it has a lovely 'community' feel to it. There aren't too many steps from the bottom to the middle to the top and performers can seemingly slip between all, on and off, quite happily. It's not too rare to find one of Ireland's premier performers turning up in a small basement in Dublin, or a basement regular suddenly getting radio play. If you have the talent and the ability to job your way round the Isle and keep your name out there, there's no reason why you can't get a break somewhere along the line. I would love to think and it is in my plans, that The Medicine Sessions will become one of those events, one of the handful 'must play' sessions that are currently up and running around Ireland. Over the last year or so I have also noticed the growing need for Spoken Word venues. Artists of the talking persuasion seem to have few places to spread their creations. Being that I have a soft spot for all manner of performed words, I thought it was important for The Medicine Sessions to be open for these artists too.

I have already found other organisers of similar events to be extremely helpful and delighted at the prospect of having another venue for original music and words. The performers thus far to contact me too, have been enthusiastic and grateful at having an event that is aiming to cater as much for them as for an audience or landlord. It's common sense that says to me that an event must be this way, if you don't feed the soul of an artist, then how can you expect them to create?


Nice, plentyful audiences.
Friendly organisers.
Nice sound.
Places to store your gear.
Groovy venues, preferably in either uber-modern or uber old locations.
The prospect of having some nice photography/recording/write up's of the gig.
A fun atmosphere.
Some beer/tobacco/other.. or all of.
Beautiful objects to look at.
Cool clothes/shoes/haircuts/hats/jewellery.
Shiny things... or really old faded things.

I hope The Medicine Sessions will be able to facilitate most of the above at any one time.

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