Saturday, 21 January 2012


This thing is difficult. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm deluding myself that performers actually need (or want) another original music venue, particularly one which is borderline rural compared to the easy reach of City events. I'm also starting to wonder if, all this time, my own band was actually being too easy going about playing 'unpaid' gigs! Was it because we didn't ask for money that we didn't get any? Is it really a standard thing that you do the circuit of 'open mic' type events to keep your name out there and are happy to do it for nothing? I just presumed this was the score and it seemed fair enough, at least I wasn't being asked to pay to actually play and I was happy enough to have a place to play in!

Anyway, a few blessed souls have been in touch regards to showing interest and are booked in, one or two more have got in touch and when told there is no money (which I thought I made obvious to begin with) have not been heard from since. I've contacted a good few bands directly and have stoney silence back... Stupid me for thinking that performers would be scrabbling at my back door to play, delighted for a  potential new audience... To be fair, I'm totally new to this game, so I suppose it's part of the rich learning process of 'organiser and chief'.

Not sure what the future of the Sessions will be to be perfectly honest, I will still be putting as much as I can into it.. I will build it.. but it's up to them if they come or not... there's only so much a mere mortal can do and bar winning the lottery and offering a thousand euros to every band that wants to play, I can't offer more than I already am. Hopefully once The Medicine Sessions start, they will grow legs and wander about of their own accord into the word of mouth avenues of underground cool and begin attracting some attention. In a years time I hope to read back on this post and chortle to myself and wonder what I was so afraid of.

Anyway, I've been playing with the Ipad animation thingy, this will hopefully be the opening to any videos we get at the Sessions, if I can find an MP4 to avi file converter for free, with no watermarks or limitations! *angry face


  1. I always paid poets/musicians something... not huge amounts but something. I raised money from friendly local sponsor, raffle (usually finding prizes from own book collection, cd collection etc.). It puts acts in a better mood and ensures they will turn up... Maybe something to think about for future events. You could maybe pay one act and get others to do more like open mic/free section..?

  2. There's the thing, I suppose people are thinking at the moment that I'm tied in with the landlord and that we are plotting to make money off the back of honest performers together, hopefully, once they realise that I am, in fact, on their side and doing everything for nothing too (less in fact because I won't be selling anything or taking anything from the donation bucket), then maybe the word will go round that it's in the proper spirit of things. The trouble with raffles etc is it makes a million more complications for one, for another, no'one is really interested in raffles unless it's going to benefit a local charity and for another, the local businesses will not be up for donating prizes or money to pay original performers unless they are already mainstream and recognised... so far as paying one, that is a big no-no in my head, either everyone earns, or no'one does. The only person who will potentially benefit financially will be the landlord (in the form of extra drinks sold), which is fair enough, since he is giving us the room for free and has to fill in all the shitty health and safety, insurance, taxes, bollocks and deal with wankers on a daily basis. I could charge at the door, but I just don't think people have the extra money round here to cope with that any more, hence you would shoot yourself in the foot before you even started, performers love a crowd, part of the promise is of a crowd, if I charge at the door, they won't get a crowd, ok they get a tiny bit of money, but they've just had a really shit time in the process. The only way I could think of making it all round do-able was to have the donation bucket during the night, those that are properly skint can chuck in pence, those who have more to give will give more, plus, given the choice I think people would donate more than they would have willing to pay at the door, because they have had a great night and have a few pints in them to lighten their generosity. It's said that the best time for busking is kicking out time round the pubs (I'm going by that idea). I may well have to re-think everything if this isn't going to work, I suppose that is the thing when you dive into new territory, it's trial and error, finding feet, leveling off, sometimes out and out failure, but it's always learning :)

  3. move to england - organise one that i can feasibly travel to and i'll be there every bloody month

    Try keeping me away