Monday, 27 February 2012





The night will run thus:
Vick waffles, followed by Torcan.
Vick waffles, followed by Rab Urquhart
Vick waffles briefly to introduce various people who are participating in the 'open floor'
Vick waffles and passes round the medicine bucket of donations
Brief break
Fear Stalks The Land
Vick waffles, everyone is delighted and full of buzz, the performers have loads of pocket money and have played to a room stuffed full of heads, The Medicine Sessions become instantly legendary.
Vick shuts up.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Things are moving swiftly along at The Medicine Sessions HQ, situated some miles up in th Knockmealdown mountains. Surrounded by a thousand pieces of paper, not enough biros and fashioned only with very low quality 1MG broadband (thanks Eircom), Vick manages to actually organise something! She sits back in delight, secure in the knowledge that the first show will be stunning, and the second show will be just as good and even the show after that is looking like it might be a stonker (please kill me if I ever use that word again).

Ahead of schedule and all as everything is moving though, it became apparant that some form of run through had to be undertaken. So, a cobbling together of a few friends, some guitars, leads, mics, PA, extension leads, a camera and an ipad was done. It would be the first time The Medicine Room was viewed at night, with the fire lit and the first time the PA was given a spin in the room.

A few pints later and niggles were logged.

1: Lightbulbs way too bright.
2: Dangly thing over the performance area needs to come down.
3: Ipad built in mic is not going to be able to handle live audio.. (need help with this dilemma)


1: The acoustics are fantastic!
2: The fire is fecking gorgeous.
3: The room looks amazing.
4: There is no hardship about going to the bar downstairs, thanks to trays.
5: Mike the landlord has even started doing pizza, so you can get your dinner at the Sessions too.

All in all, Vick and The Ronald are feeling pretty chuffed with themselves.

The Ronald & Brendan do music

One half of the room & performance area

Other side of room via mirror on other side of room

Don't worry, they'll be more audience than this on the night!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The world is fecked as we know it, the pubs are dead, music is bland, there are no more revolutions to be had, it's been done before, the good times are gone, you can't do anything without money. blah, blah..?
 I have always been a romantic at heart, despite portraying a tough old cynic. Deep down I've always insisted that everything is just how it always has been, really, it's just buried itself a little bit deeper into the fabric of modern culture and society...

Since announcing the birth of The Medicine Sessions to the world, I have found that actually;
The world isn't totally fecked.
The pubs are struggling, but they're not dead yet.
Music isn't all bland.
There are a million revolutions to be had, they don't always have to be headline grabbing.
Yes, lots of things have been done before, but this just makes for a very rich well of lovliness to make new stuff from.
The good times aren't long gone, there is, in fact, a distinct feeling of good timeyness in the air, despite the depressing news headlines.
You can achieve a great deal without money. Those who read from the same non-profit pages have an ability to seek each other out, the internet means that we can all say hello to each other and see what's going on in each other's back gardens. There is a very rich, textured culture running along quite happily out there, apparantly free from the confines of  mainstream recognition or funding.

I hope that The Medicine Sessions will become, eventually, a minor little working part in the support structure of the rich culture that is happening all over Ireland at this very minute. It is being built out of good will, free time, love of creativity, and probably a healthy dose of idealist ignorance (on my part)... oh and plenty of donated bits and bobs, some interesting people and the lust for laughter.