Thursday, 5 January 2012


Well, here goes. After being struck by a sudden panic on New Year's night that I must do something this year in case we all get apocalypticked, I am now confronted with the GIANT  gravity of my new plan. The plan went thus;

ME: "I should do something!"

THE RONALD; "Do something then!"

ME: "But what!?"

THE RONALD: " more music or sommink"

ME: "I'm going to be like Patti Smith, I'm going to make a revolution, make a whole new scene, make my own thing.. a place where musicians and poets can come and play, not for the money crap, but for the love of playing. I will create a venue so fucking awesome that people will feel like they have stepped into another universe, a universe like it used to be. A place where original artists can play to an appreciative audience in a completely cool environment and go away feeling like they have satisfied a part of their souls that have so far been ruined by bland pub gigs, noisy drunks, and non interested crowds. I want to create something proper for West Waterford. Something important, something groovy, something GOOD."

THE RONALD; "That's nice dear".

And so it began. The idea didn't go away, in fact it sat there, in my stomach and grew legs and wings and eyeballs. Something kept whispering; "do-it do it do it".

So I did it.. and fate and all the muses fell in today and found me the perfect venue to hold it. In the best, oldest, groovyest, shabbyest, pubbiest pub in Lismore. Upstairs in the ancient beams, a perfect room, with two big bay windows, an original fireplace, black wooden floorboards and it's own creaky wooden staircase off the street. Enough room for a good crowd, not so big as to be intimidating.

So this is it. All systems are go. I am open for business. As of now I am calling all original artists, singer songwriters and spoken word, who are willing to travel to Lismore County Waterford. A bucket will be handed round at the end of each night for tips from the crowd for petrol money for performers and artists are more than welcome to flog their wares, be it CD's or pamphlets.
So here's the plan, to create a place of medicine for the soul of the performer and of the listener.

Fingers crossed I'm not being too idealistic in my hopes that it's not all about money and I'm not the only person in the world who thinks it can work. I'll try my hardest to prove myself right.


  1. The venue sounds magical.Best of luck with everything, it's going to be fantesticles!

  2. How inspiring! I have goosebumps reading about the place, the plan. Congratulations aplenty!

  3. Bummed-out not to be sble to get to this. Hope it turns out to be as good as it sounds.

  4. thanks guys, and Argent, you're only just across the water and this will be happening every month! You have to have a holiday sometime :)