Sunday, 12 January 2014


 You see, Rufus Coates was due to play for us too, but accidentally caught a stomach bug thing and ended up in hospital! But it turned out alright in the end, because Rufus got better and will be giving us a surprise visit another time and Callum, the bass player with Alan & The Accident, happened to have a set of his own tunes.. and a few covers.. so everything ended well in the end! .. the end.

Not really! Callum did a great job of opening up the night, he's got a nice enthusiastic guitar technique and a great voice, managing to reach notes that would elude most guys. His own songs were engaging, delivered in true singer songwriter style, with gusto and chunk. I have a feeling that Callum will become a nice little act of his own in the future, there's a great raw potential going on with him that, given a few crushing relationships, some big adventures and a bit of whiskey bottle diving, will summon forth some serious treasure!

Alan & The Accident came home.. almost, given that the majority of the band are originally from Lismore. They're familiar faces around town and the boys (and girl) next door are doing grand! Fused with Alan White the lead singer, songwriter and all round band master from Cork and Callum the bass player from Dublin, together all the parts combined make for a very nice, tight group of lads.. (and lady). Alan & The Accident fall into the 'poppier' side of the musical genre, with the odd venture into country and folk territory, but only in a playful, tongue in cheek way. There's a lot of that, playfulness in the songs, creating a set that is light-hearted, innocent and non-offensive to the ear. There is romance, gentle heart-break, quiet yearning, peaceful regrets and thoughtful ponderations, all delivered in a properly lovely musical package via the various vocal harmonies, guitar work, keyboard and driving rhythm section of the band. Theirs are well constructed songs, delivered with confidence and surety via Alan the front-man.

It's always great to support a local band and give them the floor for their own work. Long may they continue! viva la 2014!

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