Sunday, 29 December 2013


December. Busy old month! What with all the Christmas parties, shopping, organising, visiting school plays, etc. Now it's almost over already and another year will be upon us… Jaysus haych christ!
Back in those early depths of December, The Medicine Sessions erupted into another fantastical night, despite all the odds. One of our acts had to cancel, leaving one band to hold the reins for the entire night, a job that they did breath-takingly well!

Ciara O Driscoll and her band are incredible! The Medicine Sessions was apparently only their second gig together as a group, not that you'd know it, evidently the talents of each individual member running into limitless musical intuition and joy of playing with others. Ciara leads the outfit with an easy class, an ethereal presence on stage as she dips in and out of her own private moments while delivering her songs. Her voice is friendly, with warm traditional folk tones blended together with some jazzy/bluesy soul. The band take their lead's from her, the majority of whom are fresh, bright young things, lending a really fresh energy to the whole sound. Lead guitar; jazzy and easily slipping into improvisation, rhythm guitar; confident and sure, drums; full of nuance and drive,( it was commented a lot about how did the guy manage to get so many sounds from such a small kit), bass player; full of charisma and soul, lending a pulsing grooving backbone to the whole sound on double and electric bass (though not at the same time).

Ciara O Driscoll and her band blew us all away and have gone into the Medicine book of best bands so far, a book which is ever steadily growing as we are perpetually delighted by the sheer amount of talent dwelling in the small corners of this country. Along with the amazing talent, all of these guys are lovely humans, an added bonus to the whole event!

Keep your weather eyes open for this lot, see them live you must!

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