Sunday, 11 August 2013


Older brothers. They're a dilemma. Mine have filled my memory with tormented childhood moments, such as, pretending to have ripped their arm open by creating a gory, pustulating sore out of tomato sauce, marmite, mustard and soaked bread; or leaving a very young me stranded in the middle of a rapidly revolving round-about, (the old skool, wrought iron, waist height ones) and walking away, leaving me to launch myself off onto the pre-health and safety era concrete playground... to name just two occasions of torment. But brothers can be cool as fuck too. Like when they buy you stuff they've seen on Ebay they knew you'd love, or promise to buy you Ikea meatballs on the next visit.. and sort out the lend of their projector for the Medicine Sessions even though they're not even in the country. Like last Thursday.

You wondered when this post was going to get to the point? HA! Just here:

Twin Lights (Tim on music and Brad on visuals) arrived on the night minus their projector, due to a stupidly worded email on my behalf which gave the impression we had a house one. But after a few failed ring rounds, my brother sorted us out and the night was saved from the potential of having Brad engaged in interpretive dance. I love inviting the more unusual acts down to the Sessions, to keep things mixed up and truly eclectic and keep The Medicine Sessions true to being open to every genre.

Twin Lights managed to completely alter the atmosphere of the room, taking us all on a journey into the world of what can only be described as (by me), 'nerdmusic'. Personally I love it, because I don't really understand how it's made. I appreciate that it is not as easy as just turning on your computer and pressing enter... (or maybe it is...) Whatever, watching someone spend 45 minutes on their knees, locked into the most intense world of concentration and feel, with a mac, a tiny keypad and a thing with glowy buttons and some pedals, makes a pretty cool change from guitars and is just as engaging to watch and listen to. Tim was joined by his visuals man Brad, who made a fine job of controlling the very nice visual samples as a backdrop to the ambient world of sound. I love the fact that music is evolving along with technology and that people like Twin Lights are out there fully embracing its potential and nurturing the art.

Possibly only somewhere like The Medicine Sessions, will you find a night that will couple an act like Twin Lights with a band like The Hard Ground. It made for a very chilled night of music! The Hard Ground performed as a very stripped down duo of lead singers Marlene and Pat, with keyboard and guitar (and sneeky kazoo). It was a very lovely experience to hear the two voices in such an uncluttered  environment and revealed just how well the two compliment each other. I suspect, the voices weren't even at full throttle on the night, as I sensed things were being reined in due to the lack of big sound behind them. Pat's proper dirty but tuneful singing and Marlene's nightingale sweet voice make for a seriously nice listening experience, coupled with some excellently worded songs, The Hard Ground have that winning formula thing going on. Marlene and Pat also have a very nice stage presence, managing to completely silence the room, soothing the audience into hanging onto every word, giving the impression that the whole playing live and winning a crowd thing is easy peasy!

 So, the end of the perfect summer was ushered in in style. Thanks to big brothers, Twin Lights, The Hard Ground and the ever reliable Medicinners. Until next month people... Happy Autumn.

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