Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Niall Cuddy, aka VITA music, is a Cork based musician and artist. His most recent musical creation ‘Oh The Beautiful Bovine’ is a mad collection of genres, thrown into the Hobgoblin’s hat and pulled out in turns by the various members of the Finn Family Moomin troll as soundtracks to their pen and ink world. Vita’s voice can switch from Tom Waits rough to something like Brit Pop in an instant, delivering lyrics that are an intense smoke of Beefheart’esque poetry, obscure, secretive and full of dark imagery, a perfect storytelling medium that slots into the atmospheric and sometimes horrorfull (Wonder Bore) musical arrangements. Each song sneakily blends into the next, sometimes halting arrestingly before raging into Wilco style guitar riffs as in the tune Ray Davies Sais, a glorious po-going stomp of a song which wouldn’t sound out of place on any independent gangster movie soundtrack. From punk to chill out room synth, from Tijuana Brass silliness, to Beck style deviance, Vita’s mind is an interesting and truly eclectic, experimental place.
Another Cork based artist Stuart Wilde, delivers a joyous crunchy guitar, gypsy fiddled assault on his album Black Crow. The top-hatted troubadour sings songs set in a gothic landscape of old post apocalyptic coffee houses and river banks. You can almost follow a story through a day of an other world life, set in a purple and brown animated land, the main characters, a crow and a boy and girl dressed in suit tails and faded victorian linen. Digging In The Pit is undeniably a Nick Cave sounding track, but holds its own lyrically and musically with an intense plodding rhythm and bleak imagery and songs like Hot Damn display a raunchy, dirty side to the music. Stuart Wilde has a definite sound which ties all the songs on the album together nicely and Wilde’s voice is a hearty, sure, thing, with a tiny edge of uncertainty, making it sound like he could fly off into a maniacal screech at any moment, the world of his creation sucking him into its dark river water forever, with the Black Crow of the title track watching, laughing his revenge. 
Both of these performers can be seen at The Medicine Sessions on June 14th, where they will perform their stories and create their universes for all.
Vita’s album Oh The Beautiful Bovine and his back catalogue, can be downloaded at: 

Stuart Wilde’s Black Crow can be purchased from €8 at : http://stuartwilde.bandcamp.com/

The Medicine Sessions is a once monthly original music and spoken word event, held upstairs in The Red House bar, Lismore. For more information visit and ‘like’ us at:
www.facebook.com/themedicinesessions next sessions June 14th. 

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