Friday, 30 March 2012


Well, March Medicine Sessions gave Lismore's nightlife a proper slap in the face. People haven't stopped gibbering about what a good night it was, the good sort of gibbering that is. The fact that I got handed a weekly column in the local newspaper has also been fantastic, allowing me to waffle about various stuff that I like whilst keeping The Medicine Sessions 'brand' in the subconscious minds of West Waterforders. Whether they actually read the article or not, the brain cannot escape the black, white and red header titled "The Medicine". (See page titled 'paper clips')

Keeping an article is actually great fun, of course I know 'The Dungarvan Observer' is hardly MOJO magazine, but it's nice to see your stuff in print. A couple of weeks ago I even got asked to do a review for a single by Cormac O'Caoimh, who will be playing April Sessions. I didn't initially believe it was my place to be reviewing other people's art, but I actually enjoyed the process. The fact I know absolutely nothing technical about the ins and outs of music helps I think. It would be great to include reviews more often and particularly of those artists who have played/will be playing the sessions.

Of which, here is the line up for Thursday April 12th.


Former front man of 'The Citadels', Cormac is currently putting final touches to his new album "A New Season For Love", the single of which is available RIGHT NOW. Or you can purchase an album from him in person, after his set at The Medicine Sessions. He recently supported 'The 4 Of Us' and gigs frequently up and down the country.


A three piece band currently gigging regularly on the Cork scene and who will play as part of the "Cork Rocks" concert at the Opera House on April 21st. You can see them at The Medicine Sessions first and witness a slightly tweaked (for a small room) version of their "odd rock" sound, face to face/ear to ear/eye to eye.. etc.


The Medicine Sessions main spoken word performance for the night,  promises to be an unpredictable and completely original act. The Medicine Sessions will see Mo O'Connor, Gary Baus, and Bren O'Ruaidh, who usually perform together in various Jazz band incarnations, collaborate in a poetry performance/instrumentation/spectacular... to be honest, anything could and possibly will, happen.

And don't forget that there is the "open floor" time, for those who want to experiment with reading/performing their own compositions of words to a friendly, open and supportive room full of people. Give your name to me (Vick) when you arrive so I can slot you in.

Doors open at 9.00pm, get there in time for a seat and the 9.30 start.. on the dot! See you all there and don't forget to bring your bucket money :)